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Wooords Review (iOS)

Wooords Review (iOS)


Genre: Word / Puzzle
Developer: Stray Robot Games
Version: 1.5.3
Modes: Single & Multiplayer
In-App Purchases: Game Packs
Price: USD0.99

Wooords - by Stray Robot Games
Wooords is a word puzzle game. Using fridge magnet looking alphabets to form words, this simple word game is incredibly fun.

Each game has 9 alphabets that you can use to form words, one of them (with a ring around it) will have to be used in every word you create in the level. The 9 alphabets can also be used to form a word, which gives lots of points and of course bragging rights among your friends.

Every word you create gives you some points (words need to have a minimum of 4 letters), the longer the word the more points you get, you'll also get extra points for more syllables and word combos.

Wooords Review (iOS)

Forming words in Wooords is intuitive and how we imagine a fridge magnet word game would be. Unlike the usual word games where letters are typed, in Wooords, letters can be dragged and dropped, exactly like magnets. You'll even be able to squeeze alphabets between each other. After placing a few letters together horizontally to form a word, the game automatically registers the sequence of alphabets and awards you points. There isn't a time limit to finishing word puzzles and you'll be able to take your time to come up with different combinations in the standard campaign, to unlock the next level, you'll need to get at least one star.

Wooords Review (iOS)

Word Jam, a more challenging version of the standard campaign, will require you to use a limited number of words to fill the point meter to get to the next level. To make Word Jam even more challenging, you'll have to complete every level before time runs out.

Other than the standard single player campaign and Word Jam, Wooords also offers a daily word puzzle that pits you against players from all around the world.

We had lots of fun playing Wooords, it's cleverly designed and extremely addictive. If you like word puzzle games, you should definitely consider adding Wooords to your collection.

Wooords Review (iOS)
Wooords Review (iOS)

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