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Rail Rush Review (iOS)

Rail Rush Review (iOS)


Genre: Endless, Auto Running
Developer: Miniclip
Version: 1.1.1
Modes: Single Player Only
In - App Purchases: In-Game Currency (Gold), Game Characters, Cart Upgrades
Price: USD0.99

Rail Rush - by Miniclip
Rail Rush is an endless auto running game. Riding in your mine cart through underground caverns, Rail Rush's theme is reminiscent of the cart chase in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The graphics are good and as you barrel down the tracks in your trusty mine cart, Rail Rush takes you through different levels/themes, from your standard mist shrouded cave bottom to a spooky cavern, and even a special lava filled one. They all blend seamlessly together and add to the experience, subtly alleviating the repetition associated with endless auto running games. Music which changes according to the level/setting you're in help to set the mood for the area you're rolling through.

Rail Rush Review (iOS)

The game stays true to the genre with speed increasing the further you go with three tracks that your mine cart can travel on, obstacles to avoid and stuff to collect along the way. The tracks being in what we assume to be an old abandoned mine, are in disrepair, broken sections of track present a hazard, and you'll have to swipe to change tracks. Obstacles come in the form of old wooden signboards that you'll have to avoid by swiping or tilting. Although the wooden signboards are old and falling apart, those old miners did a good job constructing them, trying to barrel through them while hiding inside your mine cart sends you and the cart flying off the track. Gold nuggets, gems and rock eggs float randomly on either side of the track and you'll have to tilt to collect them. Don't worry though, you can't over tilt and topple off the track.

Rail Rush Review (iOS)

Rock eggs - resembling Kinder Joy - , introduce a small gambling element to Rail Rush, you'll be able to either open the egg for a possible reward or sell the egg unopened for some gold. Rock eggs often give no reward, but we've gotten some with 200 gold nuggets, or powerups that removed wooden obstacles for 1,500 metres.

Gold can be used in the shop to purchase different characters - all with unique obstacle busting abilities - and upgrades to your mine cart. The best items and characters however can only be bought with real cash, like a character that can destroy top and bottom obstacles. Gold nuggets can also be purchased with real cash. Gold priced characters are priced reasonably and can be bought within a reasonable amount of game time. Many of the upgrades to the cart however, seem to be angled towards in-app purchases.

Rail Rush's concept is similar to the many endless auto running games in the App Store, however, we did have a lot of fun playing it. If you're a fan of auto running games, you should definitely consider adding Rail Rush to your collection.

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