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Puzzle Dozer HD Review (iOS)

Puzzle Dozer HD Review (iOS)


Genre: Puzzle / Physics Based / Arcade
Developer: Gamesmold
Version: 1.2
Modes: Single Player Only
In-App Purchases: Game Characters (Dozers)
Price: USD1.99

Puzzle Dozer HD - by Gamesmold
In Puzzle Dozer HD, you play as the driver of a caterpillar Dozer with a trickier than usual job in this arcade style physics based puzzle game. You should definitely consider adding this to your collection if you're a puzzle game fanatic.

Graphics are simple and straight forward and music and sounds are in the standard arcade game style, with emphasis placed on the physics and puzzle parts of the game.

You'll guide your dozer through the single player campaign, pushing crates to their designated spots to win the level. The base concept of Puzzle Dozer HD is reminiscent to Sokoban (an early box pushing game) or a sliding puzzle. However, Gamesmold has built on that and introduced other features to make this game truly their own. While trying to push pesky crates to where they should be, you'll also have to avoid running out of fuel, wrecking your dozer or destroying the crates. Early levels might seem a little easy, with difficulty scaling quickly after the first few levels. Beginner puzzle gamers might have a little difficulty keeping up especially in later stages when you move from the beginning land stage to sea and even space.

Puzzle Dozer HD Review (iOS)

Various items are gradually introduced in your crate pushing quest like mines, dynamite, fuel and metal poles. What makes Puzzle Dozer HD special is that items don't only have one set purpose, fuel for example can not only be used to refuel your dozer but also to create chain explosions. Mines which should be avoided, later play an important role in clearing obstacles. Gamesmold has done an amazing job at packing creativity into Puzzle Dozer HD.

Puzzle Dozer HD Review (iOS)
Puzzle Dozer HD Review (iOS)

Controlling the little Dozer is intuitive and pretty standard with directional arrows. Steering your Dozer while pushing crates is where physics comes into play, to push a crate straight, you'll have to position your Dozer right in the middle of it, if you're slightly off, the crate will veer to the side.

The puzzles range from your standard "move this crate from here to there", to those with emphasis on multitasking and problem solving. With the range of puzzles available, it's easy to pass time playing Puzzle Dozer HD.

Puzzle Dozer HD Review (iOS)

Although simple in concept, Puzzle Dozer is far from a simple game and offers a variety of challenging puzzles. We enjoyed the puzzles and the creative presentation of items that could be used in more than one way.

"Have the game or planning on getting it? Let us know your thoughts and experiences!" 
~ Nick

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