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Munch Time HD Review (iOS)

Munch Time HD Review


Genre: Puzzle / Physics based
Developer: Gamistry
Version: 1.23
Modes: Single Player Only
In-App Purchases: None
Price: USD1.99

Munch Time HD is a physics based puzzle game with 4 stages and 21 levels in each stage. The goal of the game is to guide Munch the chameleon through each of the 84 levels to his lunch - a worm - collecting stars along the way. The levels consist of platforms at varying heights, flowers, traps, 3 stars and a worm. Earlier levels are rather easy, however the later levels do get more challenging, especially if you make it a point to collect all three stars. If you ignore the stars, getting Munch to lunch is rather easy and hardly challenging. We assume that getting Munch to the worm was intentionally made easy to cater to gamers of different skill levels, enabling them to still enjoy the game. A skip level button is also available if you get really stumped during any level. An easily located retry level button at the button left of the screen comes in really handy for the later levels.

Munch can walk around (controlled by tapping) on the platform he's on, but he won't be able to walk off or jump to another platform. To move from platform to platform, Munch uses his long tongue to latch onto flowers. Latching onto flowers is pretty intuitive, a simple tap on the flower to latch on and another tap anywhere on screen to let go. There are a variety of flowers in Munch Time HD, from standard flowers that Munch can swing from to winged seeds that glide through the air while Munch clings on with his tongue. Many flowers are single use, once Munch retracts his tongue from the flower, the petals fall off and Munch won't be able to swing from it again. There are some flowers that Munch can tongue as many times as he wants though these are less common.

Munch Time HD Review

Physics comes into play when interacting with flowers, if a flower is above and to the right of Munch, latching onto the flower will cause Munch to swing to the right. You'll invariably need to use the physics aspect of Munch Time HD to gain momentum by swinging from flower to flower to collect stars. Certain puzzles require Munch to move from flower to flower continuously and you'll need to tap fast and accurately to keep up. During some levels, we had the impression that we were playing an action game instead of a puzzle game.

To make things more difficult, flowers are "colour coded", and Munch will have to be the same colour as the flower for him to use them. For Munch to change colour, he will have to eat a special colour fly, these colour flies once eaten do not respawn. We noticed that while blue and purple colour flies were distinctly different in colour, blue and purple colored flowers were pretty similar.

Munch Time HD Review

While guiding Munch through the level, collecting stars and swinging from flower to flower, you'll have to watch out for traps. Traps like thorny vines and spiked balls will not actively target Munch, however, if Munch touches them, you'll have to start the level again (with no penalties).

Munch Time HD Review

Munch Time HD's star, Munch, is adorable. Graphics are pleasant to look at and the music suits the general theme of the game.

Munch Time HD has a high replayability level if you're a completionist and can provide hours of fun if you collect all three stars on every level. However, if you're the type to rush through the game focused on quickly finishing each level and ignoring the stars, it has a low replayability level and you'll be able to complete Munch Time HD in under an hour.

Munch is controlled intuitively, and controls are smooth and precise.

The game did not crash a single time while we were playing, neither was it laggy or choppy.

You'll probably like this game if you like physics based puzzles and cute graphics. There are quite a number of levels to play and this game is suited to gamers of different skill levels. If puzzle games cause you great frustration, this may not be the game for you.

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