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Granny Smith Review (iOS)

Granny Smith Review (iOS)


Genre: Racing / Platform / Physics Based
Developer: Mediocre AB
Version: 1.2.0
Modes: Single Player
In-App Purchases: Unlock Levels
Price: USD1.99

Granny Smith - by Mediocre AB
Granny Smith is a physics based platform racing game. Playing as Granny Smith, an apple loving grandmother, you'll race an apple thief to the finish line while collecting delicious green apples and coins along the way.

The graphics in Granny Smith, reminiscent to Nick Park's animation film Wallace and Gromit with it's whimsical feel are beautiful. The jazzy music that accompanies Granny on her apple racing journeys suit the game well.

Playing as endearing roller-skating-cane-wielding Granny Smith, you'll roll through each level, up and down slopes, leaping from building to building and sliding down power cables with your cane. You'll even be able to crash through walls and glass windows, don't worry, Granny is way tougher than she looks.

Granny Smith Review (iOS)
Granny Smith Review (iOS)

Controlling Granny is intuitive with simple two button controls (she'll continuously and automatically move forward), the button on the right controls your jumps while the one on the left controls her cane. While jumping, Granny flips forward clockwise and you'll have to get her in a good landing position or she'll crash into the ground, losing coins and giving the apple thief a chance to catch up. Granny's cane on the other hand comes in handy when sliding down power lines and hanging onto swinging poles. The earlier levels are pretty easy, the later levels however, are more challenging, requiring timing, momentum and rather precise angling to complete the level.

You'll be racing with an apple thief who assumingly loves apples just as much as Granny and if he reaches any of the three apples - that you'll find on each level - before you, he'll steal it. The thief is pretty easy to beat in Normal mode, if you fall too often though, he can and will overtake you.

Granny will do anything to get to her apples before the thief, including exploiting the younger thief's reluctance to hurt old Granny. You'll be able to toss banana peels and baseballs to slow the thief, fortunately, he doesn't fight back. Banana peels, baseballs and even crash helmets can be bought from the Tool Shed (shop) with coins before each race starts. Coins can also be used to unlock levels without completing the previous level, and if you choose, you can also use real cash to unlock all the levels. We liked that in-app purchases aren't necessary to enjoy the entire game, so it's really up to you.

It's nice that Granny Smith allows for different difficulty levels to cater to gamers of different skill levels. From Normal difficulty where you'll only need to roll Granny across the finish line to progress, to Hard where you'll have to get a minimum of one apple to unlock the next level.

Granny Smith Review (iOS)

As the game progresses, you'll unlock two other characters to play with, although they don't come with any unique abilities or stats, it's still pretty fun playing as different characters. There's even a special character that you can unlock by getting all three apples on all levels of the game.

We had lots of fun playing Granny Smith, barrelling through walls, watching Granny do crazy stunts and snatching apples from the air. If you enjoy platform racing games, you should definitely consider getting Granny Smith.

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