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Boom Brigade 2 Review (iOS)

Boom Brigade 2 Review (iOS)


Genre: Tower Defense / Action / Line Tracing
Developer: 10tons Ltd
Version: 1.1.0
Modes: Single Player
In-App Purchases: None
Price: USD2.99

Boom Brigade 2 - by 10tons Ltd
Boom Brigade 2 set on a series of hostile alien planets is a combination of tower defense, action and line tracing. If you love blasting aliens to smithereens and lots of huge explosions, you should definitely consider getting Boom Brigade 2.

Graphics and audio are pretty simple with focus being on the gameplay and strategy involved in this action packed alien popping game.

Leading a force of humans invading a series of alien planets, you'll control a team of humans in hostile alien territory, tasked with holding back waves of invading aliens from destroying your base. Aliens, spawning anywhere along the edge of your screen and your team of humans are both able roam freely over the map. The free movement of aliens and humans in Boom Brigade allows for many different strategies to be used. And since aliens don't like getting shot at, they'll often ignore their primary objective of destroying your base and chase after members of your squad. You'll frequently have to move your team around to avoid getting eaten.

Boom Brigade 2 Review (iOS)

Controlling individual team members is done intuitively by drawing a line from the unit to where you would like it to move to. Attacking is automatic, if an alien steps within your soldiers firing range, he'll start blasting away till the alien is mush.

Your alien busting team include units like minigunners, shotgunners and rocketeers, pretty standard if you're a fan of tower defense games. As the game progresses, you'll unlock new weapons for each unit. Other than gaining fancy new equipment like piercing bullets and incendiary rounds that allow you to kill slimy aliens in a variety of styles, gameplay strategy also revolves around the types of weapons you choose to equip your soldiers with at the start of each level. And since you won't be able to choose which units you bring into each level, being able to choose what equipment they use gives a nice bit of customisation to the game.

Invading aliens come in many forms, from huge worms to tiny shrimps, and they each have their own unique approach to getting through your team and to your base. Some spit green gooey stuff at your troops while others hang back spawning tiny aliens. The variety of aliens Boom Brigade 2 throws at you provides for lots of fun and even some moments of panic when you realise aliens have sneaked by your team and are almost on your base.

Boom Brigade 2 Review (iOS)

Random powerups also come in the form of airdrops that can help turn the tide of battle. From devastating missile strikes that burst outwards in a ring of explosions to upgrading to an awesome alien weapon, powerups can help tremendously, and add to the unpredictability of each level.

If the micro management of the different components get difficult to handle, you'll also be able to stop time to plan your next move and give orders to your soldiers. Ignoring this feature in earlier levels, we later found the need to use it very often in later levels to manage the various components in Boom Brigade 2 to keep our squad alive and protect the base. Difficulty scales pretty evenly and even beginner gamers won't have too hard a time enjoying the game.

You'll also unlock different survival modes as you complete levels where you'll be given a set team to last as long as you can in the level, and compete with other players through Game Center leaderboards.

Although the graphics and audio in Boom Brigade 2 might not blow you away, it's an overall great game that we completely enjoyed. If you like tower defense or action games, you should definitely consider getting Boom Brigade 2.

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