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How To Get The Most Out Of Exercising At Home

How To Get The Most Out Of Exercising At Home


Exercising at home is the most convenient since you avoid the travelling time to the gym and waiting your turn for equipment, yet it can be difficult to stay disciplined without an environment like the gym where everyone is exercising. We show you how to make your home exercise sessions work.

Staying Focused

Exercising at home isn't going to be easy. With distractions like the TV close to hand, staying focused may be difficult. 

Set aside a portion of time for your exercise sessions - Pick a time when you're the least likely to be disturbed by family members. Let your family members know when you'll be exercising and to not disturb you during that time.

Set aside an area for exercise - If you have enough space in the home, a room solely for exercise would be great, but if not, pick an area that you're the least likely to be disturbed or distracted. Exercising where there's a TV for example might cause you to lose focus.

Missing the scheduled time is one of the top reasons many people put off exercising - Set a reminder on your phone for your exercise session. For a lot of us, our phone is always with us, so you know you won't forget. Reminders aren't just for your favourite tv shows! Just like those TV shows are a part of your life, make exercise a part of your life too.

Types Of Exercises

There are many great exercises that you can do at home, many of them don't even require expensive equipment. Here's a short list of bodyweight exercises that will give you a good foundation and can easily be done at home with minimal equipment.

  • Pushups
  • Pull ups
  • Dips
  • Squats
  • Star jumps
All the exercises listed above can be done whether you're trying to lose weight or gain muscle. They provide a great base for muscle strength, muscle endurance and they make a great cardio workout.

Exercise Equipment For Exercising At Home

Many of us don't have much space to store exercise equipment at home, here are a few basic items you'll need for a basic home workout. We kept this list as small as we could by picking the few items that we feel are must haves for those with space or budget constraints.

Exercise mat - These are really handy for many different exercises, we prefer using yoga mats because they're slightly thinner and allow you to feel enough of the floor for stability.

Wall mounted pullup bar - These are relatively cheap and don't take up much space. Make sure that they're properly installed, having it come loose in the middle of your workout could be extremely unpleasant.

Dip station - This is another must have item, there are portable options available that take up less space.

"Do you exercise at home? Share your home workout experiences with us!" 
~ Nick

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