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CoM Call Of Mini Brawlers (Guide):
How To Get Lots Of Gold Fast

CoM Call Of Mini Brawlers (Guide): How To Get Lots Of Gold Fast


Making money in Call Of Mini Brawlers can be difficult an extremely tiring when you're saving up for upgrades that cost thousands of gold. We've found a way to make lots of gold extremely quickly!

Run xxx Meters!

Only go for these kind of levels, they are the easiest to farm lots of gold with. You might have to refresh the main screen a few times to get levels like this. "Refresh" the main page by either going to the Pub, Missions or Shop. Keep doing this till you get a "Run" level, you should be able to get it in under 30seconds.

Crossing The Finish Line

Run to the right continuously (towards the finish line). You should never have to run to the left or stop. Use the pistol (USP45) to blast at zombies that are in your path. The knockback will prevent most zombies from attacking you if you fire continuously while running past them. Remember to roll to avoid the purple zombies, these guys aren't affected by the knockback as much. Another perk from solely using the USP45 for the entire level is completing one of the missions which gives you some extra gold.

You can also use a club in place of the USP45 to complete these kinds of matches. Just run to the right continuously while simultaneously swinging your club. When a bunch of zombies have stacked up (because your club has an awesome knockback), you'll notice that a zombie or two might be getting closer to you and too close for your club to attack, this is when you'll need to roll. Completing a level using only the club also completes a mission and gives you extra gold as the reward.

When using either of these tactics to farm gold, remember that the roll move takes awhile to recharge. You won't be able to roll continuously.

Doing It Right

If you're following our guide correctly, you'll be able to make about 100,000 to 200,000 Gold per hour.

"We would love to know how our money making guide has worked for you!" ~ Nick

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