Thursday, 13 December 2012

HOC Heroes Of Order And Chaos:
Our Reader's Tips!

HOC Heroes Of Order And Chaos: Reader's Tips!


Michael Hersel (Chameleon, Kuirras):
"Have you considered building towards Life Steal and Attack Speed? I usually run:

Night Blade at beginning of game
Blackpool Scythe
Reaper's Glove
Savage Boots
Blessed Bracers (strictly for higher damage at end game)

Once I get Reaper's Glove it's usually lights out for the other team as long as they're not running a Goblin Scout. I can activate reaper's glove, impale into the middle of multiple heroes, activate my shadow so that I don't take any damage and go on a feeding frenzy. Once my shadow wears off I can usually finish them off and live to tell the tale thanks to my life steal.

The only problem I run into while running that combo is when I hit heroes smart enough to pop any AOE they have while I'm in shadow. Molten Lord doing his spin attack is annoying but as long as I focus those heroes down first I usually don't have a problem.

Feel free to criticize and give me pointers as I have probably only played around 20 PVP games though the majority of the time I end with top kills and very few deaths."

Lo Sh (Nomad Assasin, Savaer):
"Using boots helps the Nomad Assassin, Savaer move so much faster."

zehnzen (Fighters & Mages):

"For fighters, I mostly buy 2 gloves first, then upgrade to 2 daggers and buy savage boots for extra movement speed.

For mages, instead of daggers, I'll buy the watchers whisper for the 40% attack speed and go for the magic attack boots."

"We decided to compile these great tips from our readers in one place for the rest of you HOC enthusiasts!" ~ Nick

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  1. The guide for Kuirras workes great for most fighters like Debronee, Lebmont and Agdiroussi. For Kagax isn't it very usefull to steal HP for his passive and ultimate skill. (a little bit wouldn't hurt)

    Combine Reapers glove, divinity sword, savage boots with blessed bracers and an akhan cuthlass (like most recommended on fighters, this has a reason I guess).
    With harvest HP and dealing great damage at fast attacks will give you an huge advantage and most equipment has cheaper forms to use, like akhan saber or blackpool scythe.

    You will steal Hp from soldiers and natural creatures (most from heroes ofcourse). With this combined you don't have to the well very often so you can stay in battle and ofcourse lvl up way quicker!

    This will also work for mages with leech HP but I will come back at this one, haven't test it for so long. but with Leech HP and some wings of paradise and enchanters ring or searing orb, will make it easier.

    Hope it helps! and ofcourse comments are very welcome

    1. Hi Maikel, thanks for the tips! We agree that Kagax works very well with life steal, especially with his insane movement and attack speed.

    2. Regarding the item build for Kagax:
      In long matches I usually use what I would call the "standard item build" which is focusing on a good balance between damage and other things like critical rate or pierce defense. Because I guess we agree that Kagax doesn't have too much of a speed problem.
      So in this case I end up with: Reaper's Glove, Boots of the Tempest, Longbow of the Shadows, Hades Armor and Blessed Braces.

      However, sometimes I tried out to balance out damage and harvest HP. So I always went for Divinity Sword(s) in combination with Reapers Glove, Blessed Braces and stuff like that. And I have the feeling the harvest HP gives Kagax a very powerful feature since it takes opportunity of his speed. What do you say? I guess it also depends on the type of player...

  2. hii i love your guides they are very helpfull... i just wish you make the akartu's guide i just bought it

  3. For Sand Walker best setup is: Cutlass, Bow, Divinity, Bracers, Savage, Hades.