Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shadowgun: DeadZone
Whirlwind Of Death Tactic

Shadowgun DeadZone Whirlwind of Death Tactic


The Whirlwind of Death is a popular tactic that Run and Gunners use to confuse and panic enemies in close confines.

This tactic is best used when enemies are close, bursting from cover and running right into the middle tends to confuse enemies as they try to figure out who's on their team and who isn't. Their teammates all firing randomly in a panic doesn't help for visibility either.

Once you're in the middle of them, remember to take them down one by one while still staying in the middle of the group. Beginners to the Whirlwind of Death might have difficulties with staying on one target due to excitement. Don't bother using grenades, stick to your primary weapon, be it the SMG (min. Marauder) or the MG (min. Big Boy).

Your enemies will try to back away from the fight while spraying bullets, to use this tactic efficiently, it should be in a smaller area where your enemies will not have much room to back away.

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