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Shadowgun: DeadZone
Communicating With Your Teammates

Shadowgun DeadZone Communicating With Teammates


Shadowgun:DeadZone offers quick commands which are extremely useful for communicating with your teammates. Learn how to use the 8 quick commands effectively and speak a whole language with 8 words.

Quick Commands:

  • Yes (Thumbs Up)
  • No (Thumbs Down)
  • Charge (Lightning bolt)
  • I need help (Flag)
  • Defend (Shield)
  • Retreat (U-Turn)
  • Out of ammo (Bullets with a cross)
  • Low on health (+)

Shadowgun DeadZone Communicating With Teammates

Who Can See My Quick Commands

Quick commands are displayed as a bubble above your character's head with the relevant quick command icon within. Anyone can see this bubble including the enemy! If stealth is required, be careful of using quick commands which could draw attention to yourself.

Quick commands are also displayed on the mini map, this however is exclusively for your own teammates and the enemy won't be able to see your position on the mini map.

Shadowgun DeadZone Communicating With Teammates
lightning icon on the minimap indicating the team should charge


The quick command: Charge (lightning) is most often seen at the start of a match to win a quick victory. When you see this at the start of the match, go straight to zone C (the middle of the map) and secure it, ignore other zones till zone C is secured.

If you see your teammate is indicating a charge, respond with a yes or no, don't leave them to charge not knowing if they're on their own.

Shadowgun DeadZone Communicating With Teammates

Taking Control From The Enemy

If you've broken through the enemy's front line and are trying to take control of their zone, use the quick command: I need help (flag). If you see a team mate indicating they need help, respond with Yes if you're heading over to help. Respond with Defend (shield) if you're pinning the enemy to prevent them from recovering the zone.

This allows everyone involved to assess how many people are going to help and how many are staying to pin the enemy.

Shadowgun DeadZone Communicating With Teammates

Kicking The Hornet's Nest

If you have the whole enemy team on your tail and you're running for your life, alert teammates that are near to tuck tail and run too.

If The Enemy Is Securing Your Zone

If you're heading back to take care of the issue, use the quick command: Yes (thumbs up) to show that you'll take care of the problem. If you realise that there are too many enemies at the zone for you to handle on your own, hide nearby and use the quick command: I Need Help (flag) to alert your team mates. Be careful of giving away your location with that big bubble above your head.

It might seem apparent that once the zone stops flashing that you've taken care of the enemy, but your teammates won't have a clue, a non-flashing zone could mean that you've killed the enemy, or it could mean that the enemy ran off but is still lurking around. So it's always good to let your team know when the threat is removed with the quick command: Yes (thumbs up)


You can taunt your enemies by using the Thumbs Down immediately after killing them.


If you requested for ammo or healing and your teammate drops an ammokit or medikit for you, remember to thank them by using the quick command: Yes (thumbs up).

If you dropped an ammokit or medikit for your teammate and they thank you, also use the quick command: Yes (thumbs up), as you're welcome.

Thanking teammates is important, the more polite you are, the more likely your teammates are to help you out when you need it.

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