Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Paragon Granite VS iPhone = Cracked iPhone Screen & How Much It Cost To Change

iphone 4 cracked screen paragon shopping centre m1


We recently went to Paragon and I was captivated by the Chanel counter that was set up near the entrance. They had beautiful sketches to advertise their latest collection, so I decided to grab a brochure to admire the artist's work.

As I was walking away from their counter, my iPhone slipped and fell to the ground. I stood there for a good few seconds and couldn't believe what was staring back at me. My iPhone screen was cracked. It's not the first time that I've dropped my iPhone. I've dropped it on different types of surfaces: carpet, real wood, even on the road while getting off a cab! You name it, I've done it. That's why it's really hard for me to believe that it actually cracked this time.

There's an M1 outlet located in the basement of Paragon, I decided to check out the cost to replace the screen. Sadly, the price isn't worth it. It costs SGD320.00 to replace the cracked screen. According to the M1 staff who attended us, the price is set by Apple.

While I contemplated whether to get a new phone or fix the current one, this is what I did to prevent more glass chips falling off the screen.

iphone 4 cracked screen paragon shopping centre m1

In the end I bought a screen protector, stuck it on, and left it as it is. It looks pretty badass in my opinion. LOL.

And here's a sneak preview of the lovely sketch done by Nick. Stay tuned for his post about his sketch!

iphone 4 cracked screen paragon shopping centre m1 chanel sketch


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