Thursday, 15 November 2012

Food Review: Megumi Japanese Restaurant - Singapore

Food Review: Megumi Japanese Restaurant - Singapore


With an array of Japanese food catered to local and Japanese customers at affordable prices, Megumi Japanese Restaurant is a must try if you love Japanese food.


Trying a new food place can be an exciting yet apprehensive experience. Our recommendations take away that apprehension and leave you with excitement, anticipation and the enjoyment of your meal.

Gindara Miso (Miso Cod)

Succulent grilled cod seasoned with miso paste, Megumi's Gindara Miso is to die for. The miso seasoning is pleasantly light and complements the natural flavour of cod excellently. For those of you who prefer stronger flavours, this dish might not be for you. Unfortunately, the pin bones are not removed and await the unwary diner.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant Singapore Food Review

Ebi Tempura Maki (Prawn Tempura Sushi Roll)

Crispy prawn tempura rolled in seaweed and rice. The sushi was served a lot warmer than we're used to, however, if you can get past the almost steaming sushi roll, the combination of flavours and textures are amazing.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant Singapore Food Review


Megumi Japanese Restaurant is located at 77 Upper East Coast Road #01-03, Singapore 428783

Contact for reservations & enquiries: 6243 0700

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