Thursday, 18 October 2012

Things To Bring To Maldives

Things To Bring To Maldives


Don't know what to bring to Maldives? Our short guide will help you out!

Things to bring
  • Sun glasses - The sun reflecting off the water can get really painful!
  • Sun block - Maldives can be really hot with little shade, always remember to reapply sunblock every now and then.
  • Slippers - Flip flops are great for wearing around but remember to take them once in awhile to avoid awful tan lines on your feet.
  • Swim wear - An obvious must for any beach destination.
  • Underwater camera - You could make do with disposable ones but I recommend getting a mid range digital underwater camera.
  • A hat - It can get really warm if you're gonna spend many hours in the sun.
  • Aloe vera gel - Yes yes I know research doesn't prove that aloe vera helps healing but it sure makes your skin feel better when it's burnt. Chuck your aloe vera gel in your room refrigerator to keep it nice and cool!
  • Moisturiser - Very important to soothe your sun burnt skin.
  • A water resistant bag - Always a good idea to have a bag to store your belongings like your room keys and camera when you're going to the beach.
  • A watch - Or you could do what Karen and I did and use our underwater camera to tell the time.
  • Cool, light clothing - The Maldives is very warm.
  • An old t shirt - Some life jackets don't fit so well, an old t shirt helps prevent the chafing.
  • Wedges - If you'd like to dress up for dinner, don't wear heels, you'll sink into the sand with every step or damage your heels in one of the many grooves in the wooden decking that resorts are fond of using.

Things not to bring
  • Pork products
  • Pornography
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol (even if you buy it at the airport duty free)
  • Dogs
  • Drugs

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