Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Story Of The Headless Squid


This is a short rubbish story about headless squids also known as sotong and why you should never buy a headless squid.

Many fishermen head out to sea for extended periods of time to catch fish, and this story begins aboard a fishing boat far out at sea and a fisherman named Jack on a quiet moonlit night. The waves are lapping against the hull of the fishing boat as Jack separates the fish that were caught into separate piles.

He quickly sorts through the main pile with practiced hands, while his mind takes him elsewhere. Being a fisherman wasn't what Jack wanted to do, but it was something he could do and it helped him save money since the fishing boat only docked once in two weeks. And with nothing to spend his money on while he was out at sea, he could save most of the money he earned. But it wasn't easy spending half a month out at sea.

Like many fishermen who head out to sea for a long time, and Jack was no exception, you can imagine how lonely it gets when you're out there. After a week or two, with the moon bright above and a squid in their hands, even the strongest fishermen succumb to loneliness.

Come's the moral of the story, never buy a headless squid.

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