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Recipe: The Most Awesome Scrambled Eggs

Recipe: The Most Awesome Scrambled Eggs


Serving size: 2 persons (cuz it's more fun having breakfast with someone else)

Estimated cooking time: <10mins
Estimated time for clean up: <5mins

Great everyday breakfast because it's so easy to do, fast to prepare, and there's so little clean up! Perfect way to start the day.


• 4 whole eggs
• 3 tbsp milk ("secret ingredient")
• 1 tbsp butter (or enough to coat the pan)
• sea salt and black pepper to taste
• 4 slices of bread (whole wheat or white bread)

Cooking Utensils:

• 1 medium bowl (to beat the eggs in)
• 1 spoon (to beat the eggs and measure the milk, you could use a fork but that's just one more thing to wash)
• 1 frying pan
• 1 wooden spatula


• Rinse the eggs under tap water to clean them up a bit.
• Crack all the eggs into the bowl, add the milk and a pinch of sea salt.
• Beat the eggs till the whites, yolks and milk are combined.
• Put the butter in the frying pan and put it on a low flame.
• Pop the toast in the toaster and start toasting it. (it takes about 4minutes in my toaster)
• Make sure the pan is nicely coated with the butter, then pour the egg and milk mixture in.
• When you see a film start to form at the bottom of the egg mixture, use your spatula and gently push that film to the side of the pan.
• Grind some black pepper over the top of the eggs, grab the toast which should be done just about now and serve.

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