Friday, 12 October 2012

The Best Roti Prata In Singapore

best roti prata in singapore


Roti prata is a very common dish in Singapore. It is a fried bread of sorts, sometimes described as a fried pancake. It is served with fish curry, daal cha or sugar for the local children. Extra curry and daal cha is free and if you're a serious curry eater, a small dish of curry will not be enough.

Good roti prata in Singapore is difficult to find. Roti prata should be light, crispy and yet have some bite to it. Getting good roti prata AND good curry in Singapore is extremely tough. Fortunately for us, we've found a really good prata stall hidden away in the eastern side of Singapore.

Habib's roti prata is exceptionally good and their curry complements their prata perfectly. You can find them at Block 87 Bedok North Avenue 4, Singapore (the block just beside 85 market).

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 Tips when ordering roti prata:

• Always ask for fresh roti prata or they might give you the old stale ones.
• Always ask them to "goreng"(fry) your roti prata longer.
• Let them know which curry you would prefer when ordering.
• If you're doing a take away, you can either have the curry and roti prata separated, or the curry poured over your roti prata(try it both ways!).
• Roti prata comes with many additional ingredients like egg, cheese, mushrooms and even chocolate!
• Many roti prata stalls use forks and spoons that bend easily, don't be too aggressive when you're tearing your prata or you'll feel like the hulk.

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