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Recipe: Steak Sandwich

Recipe: Steak Sandwich


Serving size: 2 persons

Estimated prep + cooking time: <15mins

Estimated cleanup time: <5mins

What's there not to love about the classic steak sandwich?


Steak sandwich

• 2 beef steaks
• 2 burger buns
• 2 romaine lettuce leaves
• 2 tbsps of mayonnaise
• 2 tbsps of beetroot relish
• black pepper and sea salt to taste
• 2 tbsps of butter
• extra virgin olive oil

Cooking utensils:
• 1 frying pan
• 1 wooden spatula
• 2 plates
• knife for butter

• Heat frying pan over a medium high flame.
• Place beef steaks on a plate and drizzle the olive oil over, add black pepper and sea salt. Roughly massage it all over the meat.
• The pan should be nice and hot now, carefully place the beef steaks in and allow to cook for roughly 4minutes a side(that gives me a medium for a 2cm thick steak).
• Check whether meat is ready by poking it gently with the wooden spatula(don't cut the steak!).
• Place meat on a plate to rest.
• Place butter into the frying pan and turn the flame to medium.
• When butter has melted, scrape the bottom of the pan lightly to remove all the tasty bits.
• Place burger bun halves on the pan, inside down so they rest nicely(feel free to swirl the bread around to soak up the butter).
• When the pan starts to smoke slightly, it's time to remove the buns.
• Spread the mayonnaise and beetroot relish on the bottom half of the bun.
• This is how I assemble mine, bun, beef, lettuce, bun.

• Pick good steak, but even cheap steaks work too. Just cook the steak like usual, after letting it rest, slice it really really thin (about 2-3mm) and it'll still be pretty good.
• The steak will shrink slightly after it's cooked, pick steak that will be slightly bigger than the buns.
• Lightly but firmly press the centre of the buns into the pan when they're cooking to get the centre nice and toasted.

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