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Motion Sickness Prevention Guide

Motion Sickness Prevention Guide


Motion sickness can really spoil an overseas trip and be an extremely unpleasant experience. Learn more about motion sickness and how to prevent it in our motion sickness guide.

What is motion sickness

Motion sickness, also known as travel sickness is when the vestibular system - which is in your inner ear - does not agree with what your eyes are seeing. When that happens, your brain gets confused and you start to feel nausea, vertigo and dizziness.

Motion sickness or travel sickness is known by different names depending on the type of movement that affects a person. Airsickness is when a person get's motion sickness from air travel, sea sickness is when a person get's motion sickness from sea travel and car sickness, you get it, motion sickness caused by car travel.

How to prevent motion sickness

Bring along some gummy sweets or gum. The chewing motion might help to prevent motion sickness.

Motion sickness medication is also available for people who suffer from motion sickness. Always test the medication by taking it once a few days before you leave for your trip, to see if you have any side effects to the medication. Won't want to ruin your trip with a bad allergic reaction or any side effects. You can check with your family doctor or local pharmacist for motion sickness medication.

Motion sickness bands might also help through acupressure. Acupressure is one of the techniques used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Applying pressure to the acupressure points at your wrist and on the upper part of your hand between your thumb and fore finger might help relieve motion sickness. Motion sickness bands have studs that will provide constant pressure on these acupressure points.

If possible, get a seat that is near a window and look out far towards the horizon. Avoid looking at objects that are passing quickly close by or you'll feel worse. Open the window if you can, fresh air and wind in your face helps prevent motion sickness. Bad smells however, will make you feel sicker.

Avoid reading, watching tv and turning your head suddenly. Sitting facing backwards is also a really bad idea.

Try to sleep as soon as you start your journey. Sleeping makes the journey seem shorter and more manageable.

What to do if motion sickness sets in

Acupressure. If you don't have a motion sickness band to hand during a journey and motion sickness sets in, try to massage the point on the upper part of your hand between your thumb and forefinger and the acupressure point at your wrist as well.

Breathe evenly and try to stay calm. Avoid swallowing saliva repeatedly as that will make you feel better for a short time but after awhile, the air that you inadvertently swallow will make your stomach feel a lot worse. Avoid lying down or talking.

Prepare for the worst

Have a light meal before travelling. Avoid food that's too greasy or food that you know might upset your stomach.

Always bring along a few plastic bags - and check that plastic bags don't have holes! - when travelling with someone who has motion sickness. If someone that is motion sick has to endure the nausea for too long, they might vomit. Also bring along some tissue paper and wet towels for clean up. Knowing that there are plastic bags close to hand also reduce the level of stress for people with motion sickness.

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