Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Recipe: Mood Upping Chicken Soup

Recipe: Mood Upping Chicken Soup


Serving size: 4 bowls

Estimated prep + cooking time: 1hr 20mins

Estimated cleanup time: >10 mins

Karen loves chicken soup when she's feeling under the weather. And it's such an easy dish to prepare!


• 2 chicken thighs
• 1 medium onion (white or red)
• 1 large carrot
• 1 rasher of bacon
• 2 sprigs of rosemary (optional but highly recommended)
• black pepper and sea salt to taste

Cooking utensils:
• 1 medium pot
• 1 ladle
• 1 chopping board
• 1 knife
• 1 carrot peeler

• Skin and chop the carrots to 2cm thick.
• Skin and cut the onion into quarters.
• Put the chicken thighs, onion and carrots into the pot and fill with water till everything is covered.
• Lid the pot and place it on a high flame till it boils then turn the flame down to low.
• Allow the soup to simmer for 50mins to 1hr.
• Put the rosemary sprigs in the soup and make sure it's submerged in the soup, simmer for 10mins.
• Remove the chicken thighs and allow to cool, using your hands, remove all the meat from the bones.
• Fish out the rosemary leaves which will be floating around and the stalk. Rosemary leaves aren't nice to chew on, though Karen disagrees.
• Toss out the bacon too, soggy bacon tastes horrible. Karen agrees with me on this one. LOL
• Skim the surface of the soup to remove the oil, gotta do it carefully though or you'll lose lots of soup.
• Ladle chicken, carrots and soup into a bowl and grind some black pepper over it, ready to serve!

• Always season soups near the end as the soup will get more flavourful as the soup reduces.
• Add potatoes, celery, winter melon, etc. for a heartier soup.
• You can sieve the soup to get it "restaurant clear".
• If you're not serving the soup immediately, refrigerating the soup will make the layer of oil on the soup turn to jelly which makes it extremely easy to remove.
• Avoid using only chicken breast as it will make the soup tasteless.
• Boiled rosemary and bacon are NOT nice to chew on.

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