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Food Review: Kodawari Katsuya Japanese Restaurant - Singapore

Kodawari Katsuya Singapore


Located along East Coast Road, Kodawari Katsuya Japanese Restaurant more commonly known as Katsuya Japanese Restaurant is a definite must go if you're craving for Japanese food or more specifically tonkatsu. Katsuya has a variety of great tasting mains and desserts that you can pair with alcohol if you choose. Katsuya Japanese Restaurant is run by Chef Kervin and his wife who work efficiently and in perfect harmony.


Trying a new food place for the first time can be an exciting yet apprehensive experience. Our recommendations take away that apprehension and leave you with excitement, anticipation and the enjoyment of your meal.

Buta Kakuni

Deliciously tender simmered pork belly with a halved hard boiled egg soaked in delicious gravy, Katsuya does this side dish excellently with the simmered pork belly delivering lots of flavour that builds on itself with every bite and the spring onion garnishing adding a slight sharpness that complements the gravy impressively. This dish is served with mustard, though Karen and I prefer it without.

Remember to pour a little gravy over the egg yolks!

Kodawari Katsuya Singapore

Rosu Katsudon

The deep fried breaded pork loin (rosu) is done to perfection with the breadcrumbs light and crunchy, and the pork tender and juicy. Our preference for this dish over the Rosu Katsu is the egg (yes we love egg!) and the way it all combines with the sauce, onions and seaweed, creating a wonderful mixture of different textures and flavours in each spoonful. If you prefer a leaner cut, go with the Hire Katsudon.

Kodawari Katsuya Singapore

Rosu Katsu

For those of you that prefer even more crunch, the Rosu Katsu will not disappoint. Lacking the egg and sauce that goes into the Rosu Katsudon, the Rosu Katsu crunches with every bite, the generous serving of crisp shredded cabbage on the side - which you can have with goma sauce, and we love - helps to cut the richness of the Rosu Katsu and is extremely refreshing. This dish is also served with mustard, though we prefer the Rosu Katsu without. If you prefer a leaner cut, go with the Hire Katsu.

Kodawari Katsuya Singapore


Katsuya is at 85 East Coast Road #01-01, Singapore 428787
Across East Coast Road from 112 Katong.

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