Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dos and Don'ts in Hong Kong

Dos and Don'ts in Hong Kong


Every country and people being different, here's how to bring a smile to the locals faces by putting your best foot forward. Find out what you should or should not do in Hong Kong.


  • Compliment service staff at a job well done, it is not necessary to tip in Hong Kong as many places include a service charge.
  • Receive and give gifts with both hands.
  • Bargain when you're shopping at the markets.
  • If you're given a business card, receive it with both hands and study it front and back. A casual glance is considered rude and dismissive.
  • Always offer to pour tea for others before yourself as a sign of respect and generosity.

  • Public nudity or going topless is prohibited in Hong Kong, even if you're at the beach.
  • Give a clock, knives, scissors or anything in sets of four to older locals as they are inauspicious.
  • Flipping a fish over at the table might be viewed as inauspicious by older locals.

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