Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Clash of Clans guide - How To Use Goblins For Raids


When resources are what you want, the most important unit would be the goblin. It does the most damage to resource buildings, it's fast, quick to train and it's green! This guide shows you how to use goblins effectively and efficiently when raiding.

• goblins run straight towards the nearest resource building

• goblins do not have many hit points
• goblins do lots of damage to resource buildings
• goblins are fast
• you have a limited quantity each raid
• know when to push on and when to cut your losses
• goblins can break down walls

Goblins are such greedy little guys. They aren't very smart, they're can't read your mind, and they're a little deaf too. When you drop them on the map, they run straight towards the nearest resource building, they don't care if it's a gold mine with one gold coin and they don't care if your elixir is maxed. They can't read your mind either, they won't run around the elixir storage to go for the gold no matter how hard you will them, and they won't listen to you even if you rant and scream at them.

Goblins don't have many hit points, maybe that green skin is cuz they're sick? Don't expect your goblins to tank mortars, cannons and stuff like that. Either use other units to tank, or send them in a huge bunch of 20 if there are cannons near. If your goblins are in range of a mortar, send them in batches of 10 or so right after the mortar strikes. If the gold is defended by cannons and mortars, about 15 goblins per batch will do.

Goblins do lots of damage to resource buildings, a group of 10 to 15 can bring down a resource building in seconds.

Goblins are fast and will be able to run over bombs and set them off without getting hurt. Always drop one goblin first to scout the path. As soon as you know there aren't any traps, send a whole bunch.

Having a limited quantity of goblins each raid means you have to plan raids well. Losing goblins to spring traps or mortars means you might not be able to get all the gold that your target has to offer.

A decent raid will at least give you 1 goblin:1k gold. If your target has 5k gold left, don't bother sending out the 10 goblins to get it. Cut your losses. If your target has 20k gold left, those 10 goblins would be a more than worthwhile investment.

Goblins can be used to break down low level walls if you send about 10 to 15 of them. Just make sure that wall section doesn't have a mortar in range or you'll lose lots of goblins really fast.


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