Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Clash of Clans Guide - How To Protect Your Camp From Wall Breakers


Wall breakers are lovely when you use them for raids, but they're such a pain when they're used against you. Even two or three layers of walls won't stop a skilled player with a big handful of wall breakers. This guide shows you how to stop those pesky wall breakers and force your attacker to hit that surrender button!

This is an example of a village - my village actually - that will not stop wall breakers.

This was my awesome fist shaped village in Clash of Clans (mess with me
and I'll fist you..LOL)

This village however - yup, my NEW improved village - will stop wall breakers easily!

What's the difference? There are a few points to keep in mind when protecting yourself from wall breakers.

• wall breakers run in straight lines.

• wall breakers run towards the nearest connected wall section.
• upgrade your walls!
• wall breakers take a long time to train

Wall breakers are silly skeletons with huge bombs, maybe it's cuz the bombs are too huge or perhaps it's cuz they're skeletons and they have no eyes, either way, wall breakers will run in a straight line towards the nearest connected wall section. If you look at how walls are designed in Clash of Clans, you'll see that it forms an X shape. Wall breakers will run straight towards a connected wall section along those lines. To defend from wall breakers, all you have to do, is make that line crooked. Notice this section of wall and how the buildings that are in front of it will force a bunch of wall breakers to split. That's all you have to do! It means that your attacker will now have to send twice the number of wall breakers instead and you've just halved your chances of getting raided.

Wall breakers run towards the nearest wall? Nope. They've been updated to run towards the nearest CONNECTED wall section. That means that you can trap wall breakers. All you have to do is make your wall protrude like this.

I placed a spring board right in front of that wall section, an enemy hoping to destroy the walls with a bunch of wall breakers will lose a few of them to the spring boards.

Upgrading your walls will help a lot, wall tiles with higher hit points means your attacker will have to expend more wall breakers.

Wall breakers take a long time to train, if you manage to make your village look less attractive as a target, most raiders will skip past your village. Taking a longer time to train also means that most raiders don't have many wall breakers, so if your defense is enough to hold off 30 wall breakers, they won't even try attacking you even if your gold storage is maxed.


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