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Clash of Clans Guide - How To Keep / Protect Your Gold

Clash of Clans Guide - How To Keep / Protect Your Gold


Keeping your hard earned gold in Clash of Clans is always difficult. First off - and the most obvious - spend every single bit of gold that you get from raids and there'll be nothing to lose. But what if you're saving for that level 7 or 8 town hall and need over a million gold? Follow this guide to increase your chances of keeping your gold.

Keeping your hard earned gold

• Gold storage should be your number 1 priority
• Elixir storage should be your secondary priority
• Gold mines and elixir pumps should be outside your walls
• Put your town hall outside your walls
• Upgrade your walls as often as you can
• Have at least 2 layers of walls between your attackers and your gold storage
• Use walls to divide your defenses
• My village looks like some dude I just raided

Gold storage should be right in the middle of your base, since gold is what you're trying to save, this should be your number 1 priority.

Elixir storage should be your secondary priority, because without elixir, you can't train troops and that means no raiding. =(

Gold mine and elixir pumps should be placed outside your walls, they hardly contain much if you collect from them once in awhile.

Put your town hall outside your walls, only two kinds of people are staring at your base and wondering if they should hit the "next" button. The ones that want trophies, and the ones that want gold. Protect your gold from half the players in Clash of Clans by placing your town hall outside your walls. This serves another purpose as well, if your town hall is destroyed, you get a 12 hour shield, which means your gold is safe for 12 hours(Yay!).  Trophies shouldn't matter if you're following our guide on raiding. =)

Upgrade your walls as often as you can, they make a huge difference.

Have at least 2 layers of walls between where your enemies spawn and your gold storages. The more walls there are, the less likely your enemy is to get your gold.

Having walls to divide your defensive structures is great if you can afford them. They force attackers to gather so that your mortar/s can take them out.

If you can't get your eyes off your base cuz you're tempted to raid yourself, your defense is obviously lacking.

This was my awesome fist shaped village in Clash of Clans (mess with me
and I'll fist you..LOL)

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  1. town halls should be the center of the village because once they are destroyed thats an automatic win. even if they dont succeed in getting your gold or elixer thats still a lose for you thus losing trophies.

  2. it is acually a terrible idea to put your town hall outside your walls. it even says to put your town hall in the middle of your village in the tutorial. if you put it outside then your going to see your trophies drop like flies.

    1. You are obviously an idiot! With a town hall outside the base you only lose lets say 5-10 trophies and you get a 12 hour shield! So if you want to protect your storages then you want noobs to get the townhall not the gold giving you a shield. Wow some people can be dumb in the gaming world!
      Source: LEVEL 132
      League: Master II

  3. no offense but you level 25
    no body takes advice from noobs

  4. Anonymous players above obviously haven't played the game for more than a week. I'm a TH lvl8 and level 65. When you're farming, you don't care about trophies. Your goal is to max gold and elixer production. Most good players will place their TH outside their walls until TH lvl9 or 10. By placing your TH outside your walls, you're enticing raider to attack your TH (providing you with a free shield) and protecting your resources.

  5. hey all. this is a farming tutorial. I know i can get 4-10 trophies back pretty fast, but 200k gold is another story. If you go to a page about farming and complain about th placement, YOU are the noob

  6. Make your trophy go lower, in that way your enemies will not be so powerful and your gold is safe. Been doing this and now im in crystal league

  7. put town halll outside walls sometimes because people just attack you town hall with troops giving you a shield so your money doesn't get taken. i' town hall 8 maxed out

  8. Or place your town hall outside your walls but near a mortar and lots of defences and traps because they try to get your town hall hand fail... its rather funny!!!!!

  9. The Concept on putting your TH outside your wall is to have the 12hr shield,

    thats why this was called farming layout, though he/she is low level, its a good thing he/she research alot how to farm on this game.

    anyway for those who dont understand these, see it for yourself :)

  10. if your trophies drop its called farming idiot

  11. Thanks so much for the for the help

  12. man this really helps!

  13. The three of you obviously don't know what your talking about. ALWAYS keep your town hall outside of your walls. Who cares if your town hall is destroyed. All that your opponent can get is 1000 gold and elixir and you get a 12 hour shield. If it's inside your walls they can take all of your loot. Trophies are not important while you are building up your reserves. I have 6 xx trophies but I am level 75.

  14. This is terrible advise.

  15. read before you comment on his idea it a good set up. you trying to save ur gold not trophie at this lv you shouldn't even need to keep ur trophy anyway cuz other high rank will jump ur ass.

  16. Don't you realize the point here is to protect the money, sacrificing the trophies..?

  17. Actually, the point of these instructions isn't "How to keep your trophies and not lose battles." The point of it is how to keep your gold. That being the case, the instructions are correct and a good way to do just that.

  18. He's right though, he's farming for maximum shield time. And lowering your trophies gives you easier raid targets.