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Clash Of Clans Guide - Clan Reinforcement Troops

Clash Of Clans Guide - Clan Reinforcement Troops


Clan reinforcement troops are a useful resource that you can draw upon when needed and can turn the tide of a raid or battle.

Even if your clan castle is level 1, it will still help tremendously especially when your clan mates send high level reinforcement troops. Upgrading your clan castle will allow more troops to be housed within and you'll also get free gems that you can use to buy builders.


The clan castle can be used just like any other unit on the battlefield. However, reinforcement troops deploy slowly from the clan castle and appear one by one. Dropping the clan castle further back and dropping your other troops nearer to the target help compensate for the slow deployment.


Clan castle placement is extremely important when using the clan castle for defense. When enemies appear within the range of your clan castle, the reinforcement troops that your clan members sent you will start to deploy, again, one by one.

Don't place your clan castle in a walled up area or they'll be stuck behind your own walls unable to reach the enemy.

If the enemy destroys your clan castle while there are troops inside, all your reinforcement troops will die. Always place another building between your clan castle and the spawn point for your enemy. Doing this allows your clan reinforcement troops some time to deploy.

Troop donation etiquette

Send archers whenever your clan members request for reinforcement troops unless they request for other troops. Archers are useful when both attacking and defending and are extremely versatile.

If you donate a giant to your clan mates, I'm sure they appreciate the gesture as giants take quite awhile to train, but they work poorly in defense and take up valuable space in the clan castle. Similarly, wall breakers and goblins are viewed poorly as reinforcement troops as well. Wall breakers are useless for defense and goblins are not very useful for attacking and defending from the clan castle because of the slow deployment. Balloons in your clan castle might look cool but these air units are terrible at defending as they need to be directly above a target to attack it.

Always thank whoever donated troops to you by name and acknowledge their thank you messages as well. Donating quickly and often is part of being a good team player. After all you would love quick responses to your troop request yes? And you also get gems for donating troops!

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  1. Goblins are great in defense because they have much better dps than archers. (note that unlike typical rts, some attacking troops will attack preferred targets rather than fight back).

    However, your overall point that some troops are better as reinforcements, is reasonable.

  2. what is the grey building that gives you extra troops in clan castle when you are clanless how do you get it ?

  3. I cannot donate troops... and I can find info nowhere
    Please help

  4. Why when someone asks me for troops and I send them does it only allow me half of what their castle can hold? I.e. (5/10 troops sent).

  5. Most of this is wrong!
    1. You do not get gems for donating
    2. All your castle troops can jump your own walls, so MAKE SURE YOU DO hide it behind your walls!
    3. Goblins are great defense, fast better DPS and hitpoints than archers.
    4. If your castle is destroyed full, it will remain full, BUT its almost impossible, as it only takes a second for troops to deploy from a castle. There is no slow deployment
    This might have been written for an older version of the game, but I have been at it for 6 months, and the above items are facts. Bad article Nick,
    You are welcome.